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Zendaya is Pregnant? Twitter is confused after Spider-Man actress’ video goes viral

Just now a social media picture of Zendaya being pregnant went viral, showing the actor flaunting a baby bump at a red carpet event.

You must know that Euphoria star Zendaya is now very famous all over the world. Recently, an actor who is dating Tom Holland got a hashtag trending on Twitter, “Zendaya pregnant”. By the way, many people must have been confused whether it is true or some similar rumor spread. Today, there is a lot of discussion about this news on Twitter, people still cannot believe it. Several hashtags are rapidly trending on Twitter today, with reactions flooding social media and everywhere after this photo.

Zendaya Viral Video 2022

In recent times, you must have seen a video which is a fake Tiktok video internet and it is becoming increasingly viral and after this video became viral, a lot of uproar has started. In that fake TikTok Viral video, Zendaya is shown posting a pregnant ultrasound on the actor’s Instagram account. And the caption of the same video reads, ‘I love you.’ Well, a lot of questions are arising from this.

You will get answers to all your questions here, first of all let us know is Zendaya pregnant?

Is Zendaya Pregnant?

Seeing this video, a lot of commotion has started but still people can’t believe it. And that was a viral video, it was a fake video, which is viral on social media today. Let us tell you that Zendaya is not pregnant. And there are also reports to say that a popular internet meme, You Just Got Criss, has been used to get likes and views. This fake viral Tiktok video of Zendaya Instagram is a prank and fans have become crazy about it. You probably know, but, for those who don’t know, in January 2022, a morphed image of Zendaya went viral, showing the actor flaunting a baby bump at a red carpet event.

These rumors of Zendaya pregnancy have definitely created a ruckus on social media. And many Zendaya fans have taken to Twitter to discuss Zendaya’s “pregnancy” and share their shock. And this hashtag is trending on Twitter at the moment #ZendayaPregnant.



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