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HomelatestWhat is Linux Operating System? (Learn it in 5 Minutes)

What is Linux Operating System? (Learn it in 5 Minutes)

What is Linux Operating System? (Learn it in 5 Minutes) 

what is linux operating system and define features with examples

Today, we will talk about What is linux operating system and define features with examples? About, as you all know that today is the time of technology. New technological gadgets or electronic devices are coming in the market every day, due to this our lifestyle has been greatly affected. People are using gadgets for communication and employment for all. We cannot even tell you that due to electronic gadgets, a new revolution has emerged and we have become familiar with many new things which are gadgets. let’s know more What is linux operating system About.

What is linux operating system and define features 

Basically, it is like a mini computer in which some special programs ie setup instructions are inserted so that how the device will work and the operating system is used in the gadgets to make these programs work.

Whatever gadget you take. From smartphones to cars to supercomputers to home appliances to home shops to database servers, all these new operating systems are everywhere.

Linux Operating System

There are many rating systems available in the digital world like Android iOS Windows etc. Apart from all these operating systems, there is another operating system which is mostly used in electronic gadgets and the name of that OS is Linux.

We may not know about it but we are always using it. Linux has been around for more than 30 years. Since the mid-1990s, it first came among us and since then due to its usefulness, it is ruling in almost all devices and will continue to do so. Most of  the people do not know much about Linux operating system, that is why today we will know about Linux, in which you will be given all the information related to Linux. So first of all we will know what is Linux.

What is Linux?

Linux is also an operating system like Windows iOS and Mac OS. An operating system is an interface between a computer’s user and computer hardware in which the user can easily interact with the computer and is a collection of software that manages computer hardware resources and provides common services for computer programs.  Is. No software will be able to function without the OS. Linux is the most popular and multi-operating system that manages all the hardware sources associated with your laptop and desktop.

Linux is a very popular version of the Unix operating system. It is a free and open source software which means that a developer can freely modify Linux coding on the Internet for commercial and personal use.

Linux operating system is actually developed for personal computer (PC). But later this operating system is used in many platforms such as mobile smart TV gaming consoles even vehicles from this operating system.

Linux is a similar operating system like Unix and it is most commonly used in server and computer system devices and now we will know who created Linux and when.

Who created Linux and when

Friends Linux operating system was developed by Linux Wells in 1991 and released by AT&T and Laboratories under the General Public License (GPL). When Linux was a student at the University of Helsinki, he was using an OS called Linux, a version of the Unix operating system. When Linux and some users found that by making some changes in Linux, the OS could work even better, then they asked its creator Andrew Tennis Ball to modify and improve in minutes that this change was not necessary and he added it. Didn’t make changes.

This was the time when Linux decided to create its own operating system that would take into account the suggestion of user comments.

Linux was a student of C programming language, so he started writing code in C language. Linux OS’s code was written for about 95 percent free and the rest of the coding he wrote in assembly language and other languages, after preparing the coding, Neeraj named that operating system as Linux by adding his first name and Unix’s name.

Linux was designed according to Unix, so many functionalities are similar to Unix. Linux and Unix are similar in many ways but Unix is ​​also not whereas Linux is available for free. In addition, Linux is a very reliable operating system for computers as it provides good security features that allow users to keep their wallet and data in an encrypted form such as password protection and access and controlled.

Now we will know how many components are there in Linux.

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Linux Components 

The main three components of the Linux operating system are the hardware shell or null and the system utility. They tell you about what their work is and why they are important for Linux. First of all we discuss the hardware. Following are the components of linux.

  • Hardware

In which peripheral devices such as RAM, hard disk drive and CPU together form the heart-way layer for the Linux operating system. It is responsible for all the major activities of this operating system.  It interacts directly with the internal hardware and provides services to hide the lower level details of the hardware in the system or application program.

  • Shell

An interface between the user and the kernel, which hides the complex city of kernel functions from the user. It accepts the commands of the user and also takes quick action on it.

  • System Utility

A system utility provides services to the user to use the same functions as the operating system.  Individual and special functions can be accessed through the system utility. Let us now know about the best features of Linux.

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  • Linux Operating System

is much better than the other over and with many of its features but here we will tell about some of the features that you all must know about. First we’ll talk.

  • Linux is an open source operating system

So that it is available absolutely free to use on the Internet, which can be modified by any user or developer. Through this we can increase the functionality of this OS and make it good. is number two.

  • Portability

Portability is one of the main features in Linux operating system that made Linux so popular among its users but portability does not mean that this system is small in file size and can be carried on pen drive, CD and memory card.

Instead, portability here means that Linux and its applications can work in the same way on different types of hardware. The Linux kernel and application programs support their installation at the very least hardware level, allowing you to bring life to your old computers.

  • Linux is a multi-user and multi-programming operating system

in which more than one user can easily access and use the computer’s hardware simultaneously. is at number four.

  • Linux also has the feature of multitasking

So that a user can run more than one program star or software at the same time.

  • Security is a very important part of any OS

for the users or organizations that are using the system for their confidential work. Linux provides many security to its users to protect any of their data systems from unauthorized access. It is completely trouble free operating system and it does not present any problems like malware or virus which slow down your computer speed. Many Companies and governments around the world are using Linux OS because of its portability loco license and money and time.

Popular companies like Google Amazon and Facebook use Linux to protect their servers because it is highly reliable and stable and such Linux is used not only in personal computers or laptops and many books but also small gadgets such as PDAs, mobile phones, smart watches. Digital storage devices are also used in cameras etc. Linux is used in many electronic devices like Dell Laptop Google Internet Phone HP Laptop Lenovo Laptop Motorola Phone Sony etc.

I hope you have got the information about what is Linux and what are its features for which it has become a popular operating system.

Linux Pros and Cons 2022

Let us now know about the Pros & Cons of Linux Operating System, it has many advantages and also many disadvantages which are very important for you to know if you want to know in detail about Linux Operating System.

Some advantages of using Linux include

Licensing costs – Unlike Microsoft Windows or Apple macOS, Linux has no explicit licensing fees. While system support is available for a fee from many Linux vendors, the OS itself is free to copy and use. Some IT organizations have increased their savings by switching their server software from a commercial OS to Linux.

Open source software – The Linux kernel is released under the GNU GPL open source software license. Most distros include hundreds of applications, with many options in almost every category. Many distributions also include proprietary software, such as device drivers provided by manufacturers, to support their hardware.

Reliability – Linux is considered a reliable OS and is well supported with security patches. Linux Operating System also copes with errors when running software and unexpected input. Linux is also considered to be stable, meaning it can run in most circumstances. 

Many choices – Between the hundreds of available distributions, thousands of applications and almost infinite options for configuring, compiling and running Linux on almost any hardware platform, it is possible to optimize Linux Operating System for almost any application.

Backward compatibility – Linux and other open source software tend to be updated frequently for security and functional patches, while retaining core functionality. Configurations and shell scripts are likely to work unchanged even when software updates are applied. Unlike commercial software vendors that roll out new versions of their OSes along with new ways to work, Linux and open source applications generally don’t change their modes of operation with new releases.

Some disadvantages of using Linux include

Support costs – While an organization can acquire Linux freely without licensing fees, support is not free. Most enterprise Linux System distributors like SUSE and Red Hat offer support contract. Depending on the circumstances these license fees can reduce savings significantly.

Lack of established standard – There is no standard version of Linux, which may be good for optimizing Linux for particular applications, but less so for deploying standardized server or desktop images. The wide range of options can complicate support as a result.

Unsupported hardware – While many hardware manufacturers make Linux device drivers available for their products, many do not.

Proprietary software – Desktop productivity software like Microsoft Office cannot be used on Linux desktops, and other proprietary software may be unavailable for Linux platforms.

Steep learning curve – Many users struggle to learn to use the Linux desktop or Linux-based applications.

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