BGMI 60 FPS Config File Download v2.5 Update, BGMI Lag Fix iPhone 13 Pro Max Config

Ever since Pubg Mobile has been done by the Indian Government in India, everyone is crazy about BGMI till today, and there are many people who can not play BGMI smooth because of their low end device. Any game Bgmi or Pubg Mobile runs without any lag problem in iPhone as compared to Android Phones, who doesn’t want performance like iPhone 13 Pro Max, (iPhone 13 Pro Max Config File For BGMI + Pubg Mobile) Many in Android Phone People have the problem of lag in Pubg Mobile, those who have 2GB, 3GB, 4GB or more Ram or phones with good performance now-a-days have BGMI or other game lag, due to which they are not able to play well.


iPhone 13 Pro Max Config File Download – Bgmi 60 fps config file download v2.5

You are going to get Fully Optimized Config with Bgmi’s iPhone 13 Pro Max, so that you can experience Gaming Performance like iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro Max is a very high end phone, so there should be no game lag in it. And by making some changes in the coding of Pubg Mobile’s Bionic Config in iPhone 13 Pro Max, that iPhone 13 Pro Max’s config file has been made compatible for Android phones, you can also download this Bgmi / Pubg Mobile 60 FPS Config By doing this, you can get the performance like iPhone 13 Pro Max,

So that there will be no Bgmi or Pubg Mobile lag in any of your phones, you will get the link below to download Pubg Mobile + BGMI 60 FPS Config, How to Pubg Mobile 60 FPS Config File You have to apply in your Android phone so that you can get the performance like iPhone 13 Pro Max, for that you will also get a video of the apply process below.

Bgmi + Pubg Mobile v2.5 Best Gfx Tool

The best way to reduce BGMI Lag to some extent is to use GFX Tool. There are many benefits of GFX and this is the most powerful 100% working 10 GFX Tool that we have also used and I am telling this GFX Tool from my personal experience, and I am after using these Gfx Tool till date  There was no problem.  We will tell you 5 best GFX tools that work well in every Android phone without any problem, but before that let us know Benifit Of GFX Tool and then we will talk about those GFX Tool further, know more

Pubg Mobile iPhone 13 Pro Max 60 FPS Config File Download For Low End Phones

Since Bgmi’s new update v2.5 has come, the lag inside Bgmi has increased even more, that’s why I am going to give you Bgmi v2.5 Lag Fix 60 FPS Config so that your phone’s performance will be like iPhone 13 Pro Max  After downloading this Bgmi 60 FPS Config File, you know how to apply it on your Android phone.

Pubg Mobile + Bgmi 60 FPS Config File 2.5 Update Apply Process

  • First of all you have to Download Pubg Mobile + Bgmi 60 FPS Config File.
  • Then download the ZArchiver Application from Google Play Store on your phone.
  • Open the ZArchiver application.
  • Then extract the downloaded Bgmi + Pubg Mobile Lag Fix 60 FPS Config File.
  • You will get a config with an active.sav
  • Copy it and go to Android then go to data folder.
  • Open the folder containing com.pubg.imobile.
  • Go to the files folder, open the UE4Games folder, go to ShadowTrackerExtra, go to ShadowTrackerExtra again, open the Saved folder, and paste the active Sav config into the Saved Games folder.

File Pass – NEWRO

Pubg Mobile + Bgmi 60 FPS Config File Download 2.5 New Update

Download File

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