On Father’s Day, A New Dad Recalls His Near Death Experience

North Carolina State Officer Ethan Bradshaw, 30, was working out at an exercise center with two of his officer colleagues. During that time while working, he suddenly started having chest pain and died in his hand. Ethan Bradshaw thinks he’s worked hard himself and prepares with skilled contenders.

Ethan Bradshaw, a Brazilian teacher, and was expecting my most memorable baby with my significant other and I was definitely feeling tired and my chest suddenly started to ache, I’m usually in such pain I ignore it and leave the pain while sitting.

After that, after the work was over, at the same time he decided to come home in the evening before the next shift started.

When he returned to his home, his chest pain began to increase, then admitting something unusually off-base, he called two officers who equally act as paramedics.

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