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How to Use OYO Money in Booking | Oyo Money Kaise Use Kare

How To Use Oyo Money While Booking & Paytm?

How To Use Oyo Money While Booking Room 2022

In this article, we will learn How to use Oyo Money, Oyo Money Kaise Use Kare many people book rooms or take any other service from Oyo, and they get some return in return which is also known as cashback, and it is called in Oyo. It is called Oyo Money. Which is received by the customer on making the booking. We must be getting very upset that Oyo Money has come to our wallet but how to use it, (Oyo Money Kaise Use Kare) so today we will tell you people about this.

Many people who book on Oyo App or there, they must have got some reward in their Oyo Money wallet, so let’s know How to Use Oyo Money, but before that many people know more about it. Nothing will be found, that’s why they must know what Oyo Money is.

What is OYO Money

how to use oyo money while booking room

Oyo is a virtual currency that can be used on any Oyo booking and it is a promotional amount, issued by the Oyo company, to any customer who takes a room book or any other service in OYO, then they will get special As a reward, OYO gives OYO Money to its customer through the company, which that customer can make Room in OYO through that OYO Money, and this OYO Money can only be used as a coupon. And you cannot use Oyo Money 100%, the reason for this you will know further. 

OYO Company is promoting Oyo Money on the basis of promotion to connect its customer, so that customers have been connected with them, and customers also benefit.

You know about OYO Money, but it is very important for you to know about how to use this OYO Money given by Oyo, only then you will be able to use OYO Money easily, so let’s know, how to use Oyo Money.

How to use OYO Money (How to use OYO Money in booking rooms)

how to use oyo money while booking room

As you know what is OYO Money and now we will know that if you have OYO Money lying in your wallet then let’s talk about how to use it, then you can use OYO Money while booking a room in OYO. That is, when you book a room in Oyo, you will also get the option of OYO money while making payment there, from where you can use that Oyo money from 10% to 30%, Oyo money you can get 100% can never be used.

How to use Oyo Money While Booking Room 2022

For example, if you book a room in Oyo, then there you get some discount from Oyo Money, so that you can save your money while booking a room in Oyo.

You can not make full payment with Oyo Money, but yes you will definitely get a discount from it, and how much discount you will get depends on your booking, I hope you have related doubts with it, they must have been cleared.

Many people will not know that how can we get OYO Money, so let’s also talk about how to get Oyo Money.

How to Get OYO Money | Oyo Money Kaise Use Kare 

How to use oyo money | how to get oyo money | Dutopic

When you make a booking to get Oyo Money, then there you will be that you will get so much Oyo Money on its booking, and this is according to the offer, if there is an offer going on then if you book there then There you will be given Oyo money, which I have told you how to use it. And OYO Money can also be obtained through Open if you have any specific OYO Coupon card then you can apply there to get extra OYO Money.

There will be doubt in the mind of many people that we can also get Oyo money through referral but no you can not get Oyo money through referral, you will get Oyo money only if you do any service inside Oyo. Receive or book a room.

Oyo Money Limit

How To Use Oyo Money While Booking Room 2022

There is a specific limit set by Oyo to use Oyo Money which is ₹25000 per month, you cannot use more than the limit fixed by Oyo, and the limit keeps on increasing, that means when you make a booking. If you are, then you can probably get more limit than this.

OYO Money Expire in How Many Days

OYO Money Expire in How Many Days

Many people will not know that after how much time that your money expires, then Oyo Money is payable from one month to 5 months, later it expires, the expiry date of OYO Money you go inside your profile or wallet, can see.

I hope that you must have got to know something new in this article, just keep supporting us like this and share this post with your friends, we will keep bringing such good content for you.

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