How To Fix Lag in BGMI, Gyro Delay Fix, High Ping Issue 2.2 Update

How To Fix Lag in BGMI, Gyro Delay, High Ping Issue 2.2 Update

(V1.9) How To Fix Lag in BGMI, Gyro Delay, High Ping Issue 1.8 Update
How To Fix Lag in BGMI
Ever since Pubg Mobile has been done by the Indian Government in India, everyone is crazy about BGMI till today, and there are many people who can not play BGMI smooth because of their low end device. This problem comes to many people who have 2GB, 3GB, 4GB or more RAM or better performance phones these days have BGMI or other game lag due to which they are not able to play well.
That is why today we will tell you some methods by which you can fix the problem of La), High Ping, and Gyro Delay in BGMI or Pubg mobile in any of your phones, in addition to Lag in Bgmi or Pubg mobile, High Ping and Gyro  Delay problems are also seen, it is very important to fix them so that we can take our Gaming Experience well, and in the end you will also get some Advance Tricks, by using which you can get up to 80% to 90% Lag, Gyro Delay.  Can reduce the problem of High Ping. 
First of all we have tested the Tips & Advance tricks that we are telling you and only after that, then let us know How to boost Game Performance on Android, How to fix Lag in BGMI, How to fix High Ping, How to fix Gyro Delay.

How to boost Game Performance on Android (BGMI frame drop issue)

  • Guys follow this step to increase gaming performance in your phone
  • First open “settings” on your phone
  • Go to “About Phone”
  • Go to “Build Number”
  • Tap on “Build Number” “Option” 4-5 times in a row
  • You have to come to the “Setting” home
  • You will see the new option “Developer Option” Click on it
  • Enable Developer Option
  • then scroll
  • Enable “Force 4x MSAA” 
  • Than Open Your Game
By using this Secret Trick, You will end the Problem of lag and also the Problem of your Phone Running Slow or Hanging.

Best Way To Fix Lag in Pubg Mobile 2.1, Bgmi (GFX Tool)

(V2.0) How To Fix Lag in BGMI, Gyro Delay, High Ping Issue 2.0 Update
Best Gfx Tool For Bgmi 60,90 Fps in 2.2 Update

The best way to reduce BGMI Lag to some extent is to use GFX Tool. There are many benefits of GFX which we will discuss and these are 10 of the most powerful 100% working GFX tools that we have also used and I am telling this GFX tool from my personal experience, and I have to date these Gfx Tool There was no problem after using it. We will tell you 5 best GFX tools which work well in every Android phone without any problem, but before that let us know Benifit Of GFX Tool and then we will talk about those GFX Tool further.

Benifit Of GFX Tool

The special importance of Gfx Tool is to optimize games. With this, the graphics of the game can be adjusted (Low/High) according to your phone, 60% of gamers use Gfx Tool so that they can enjoy games (PUBG) without any lag. Friends, people use many GFX Tool. But they do not benefit from it, for them I will tell you 5 best GFX For Bgmi 2.0 Update which you can use.

Best Gfx Tool For Bgmi, Pubg Mobile in 2.0 Update : BGMI lag fix GFX Tool 2.0 Update

1. PGT+ Pro GFX & Game Booster 

PGT + is a Pro Graphic (GFX) Tool from which you can change the Graphic setting. You can Boost and Optimize FPS gaming performance. In this you will get Potato Graphics, Zero Lag Mode, Battery Saver, Potato Graphics, Dark/Dark Theme, GPU Optimization

Features Of This App

  • Unlock HDR+Extreme Graphics
  • Change Resolution
  • Unlock All FPS Levels (Max 120fps)
  • Shadow Customization
  • Support All PUBG Variant
  • Ultra Sound
  • 100% Safe

App Information 

  • Version : 19.2
  • Last Update : 13 March 2021
  • User : 100k(Paid)
  • Gfx Tool Size : 2.09MB
  • Released on : 24 May 2018

2. Gamers GLTool Pro – Best Gfx Tool for Bgmi

Gamers GLTool Pro is also one of the best GFX Tool.  I have made a video about this on my YouTube channel. Must watch that video. In it, Gamers have told about GLTool’s Best Graphic Setting. Gamers GLTool Pro is a paid application but you can downlod it for free. This is a Best Gfx Tool For Bgmi With this GFX Tool you can Install Pubg Mobile, Free Fire. Smooth gaming can be done by changing the graphics setting of the games.

Features Of This App

  • Game Turbo: CPU & GPU Boost, System Performance Tuner, Ram Booster, Game Booster
  • Quick Launcher: Quickly Memory Boost
  • Ping Booster: Optimize Your Ping
  • Graphics Manager: Change Resolution, Graphics, Fps Settings
  • Zero Lag Mode: Play Games Without Lag
  • 100% Safe

App Information 

  • Version: 1.3p
  • Last Update: 18 September 2020
  • User: 50,000
  • App Size: 3.06MB
  • Released on: 17 May 2019

3. GFX Tool For PUBG – Game Booster, Launcher & Optimizer

Guys this is a GFX Tool specially made for Pubg Mobile. It has been specially made for Pubg Mobile.  This is a free application. That’s why people use it more. Best Gfx Tool For Pubg / Bgmi. You will find this GFX Tool on Google Play Store, so you can Use it eass GFX Tool keeps on updating so that there is no issue to the user in it. You can use it, it is absolutely free.

Features Of This App

  • Game Optimization
  • Change Resolution
  • Unlock HDR Graphics With Max Fps
  • Shadow Enable/Disable
  • And More Useful Option
  • 100% Safe

App Information 

  • Version: 10.7.3
  • Last Update: 09 March 2021
  • Total Users: 10M+
  • App Size: 2.95MB
  • Released On: 15 May 2018
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4. Flash Dog – GFX Tool For PUBG

Flash Dog is a popular GFX Tool that many gamers use. In this you get all kinds of features. So that you can do gaming without any lag problem. This special is made for Pubg Mobile, you cannot use it in any other game. It can be Installed from Google Play Store.

Features Of This App

  • Set Optimal Resolution
  • Enable HDR  Graphics
  • Unlock Maximum FPS Limit
  • Customize Your Shadows
  • Advance  Game Map
  • Zero Lag Mode
  • 100%  Safe     
  • App Info.

App Information

  • Version: 2.6.7
  • Last Update: 21 July 2020
  • Total User: 10M+
  • App Size: 17.50MB
  • Released: 12 April 2019

5. Advance Graphics – Fix Lag in 2GB, 3GB, 4GB Ram Devices

This is UserFriendly Graphics Tool. In this you get support by doing all variants of Pubg Mobile. Helpful tips are available for those who do not know how to use this GFX Tool. So that you can learn to use it well. In this GFX Tool also you will not get support by doing any game other than Pubg Mobile. This is made only for Pubg Mobile, if you are a Pubg player then you can use it.

Features Of This App

  • Easy To Use
  • Special For Low End Devices
  • Change Resolution
  • Zero Lag With Max Fps
  • Shadows Customization
  • Memory Optimize
  • Boost Performance
  • 100% Safe & Secure 

App Information 

  • Version: 1.2.79
  • Last Update: 09 March 2021
  • Total Installation: 5M+
  • Size: 4.19MB
  • Released on: 19 May 2018
  • Rating : 4.4 Star

How To Fix High Ping in BGMI, Pubg Mobile : How to reduce ping in BGMI

How To Fix High Ping in BGMI, Pubg Mobile 1.9
To try this trick, you have to open your phone’s dialer and enter a secret code there *#*#4636#*#* As soon as you dial this code, a new interface will open in front of you.
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There you will get to see Phone Information 1 and Phone Information 2 in whichever slot you have SIM like if your Main SIM is in Slot 1 One then you have to open Phone Information 1 and if you are in Slot 2 then you have to open Phone Information 2, then An interface of Phone info 1 will come in front of you.
How To Fix High Ping in Pubg Mobile
There you have to click on ‘Set preferred network type’.
(V2.0) How To Fix Lag in BGMI, Gyro Delay, High Ping Issue 2.0 Update
And after that you have to switch your network to LTE Only.
(V2.0) How To Fix Lag in BGMI, Gyro Delay, High Ping Issue 2.0 Update
After following all the steps, click on ‘Run Ping Test’
(V2.0) How To Fix Lag in BGMI, Gyro Delay, High Ping Issue 2.0 Update
And you have to restart your phone and open your BGMI or Pubg mobile, then you will see that your high ping problem will be reduced.

BGMI , PUBG Mobile Lag Fix Config File Download

By customizing the Graphics setting of any Phone Pubg, we can do Pubg Lag Fix or Bgmi Lag Fix, for this just a Config File has to be applied, after applying that Config file, Pubg Mobile’s Lag Fix is ​​done to a great extent. We can setup our graphics according to our device with Pubg Mobile Lag Fix Config, which does not cause Pubg Mobile Lag, we have to change every new Update Bgmi or Pubg Lag Fix Config, here every new Pubg Mobile New New Config Update will be done in Update or Bgmi New Update. After New Update in Pubg Mobile or New Update in Bgmi, you can download your Pubg Mobile Lag Fix Config File by visiting this post here in 24 hours. Below you will find the link of Pubg Mobile Lag Fix Config

BGMI 60 fps config file download 2.2

(V1.8) How To Fix Lag in BGMI, Gyro Delay, High Ping Issue 1.8 Update


How To Fix Gyroscope Delay in Pubg Mobile & BGMI : Gyro Delay Fix

The problem of Gyroscope Delay is mostly in Low End Phones these days and due to this problem Bgmi or Pubg mobiles are unable to play Gyroscope Mode and there is a lot of problem Gyro Delay New new phones which have been launched which come in low budget.
bgmi gyro delay fix config file download Mediafire
If the device has Gyro sensor but it does not work properly, or Delay works, know about how to fix this problem, then first of all if your phone has Gyro Sensor but does not work at all. Not Supported Problem comes or Delay works, then watch the video given below for that and a file is given inside it which you will find below but the file has a password, so watching the full video is going to benefit you sometime.

Bgmi Gyro Delay Fix Config File Download Mediafire


I hope your How To Fix Lag in BGMI, how to fix Gyroscope Delay in Pubg Mobile, how to fix High Ping Issue 2.0 Update cleared all the doubts related to these.


Can I fix lag in Bgmi 3gb RAM phone?

Yes, Can Gfx Tool or Game Booster to fix lag in 3GB RAM phone.

Which is the Best GFX Tool for Bgmi?

All Gfx Tool is the best Gfx Tool PGT+ and if I personally use it myself, then you can use it.

Best network for BGMI?

Many people have a question that which network is best for gaming, then both Jio and Airtel are best.

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