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How to Complete Paytm KYC With Aadhar Card – You all know that nowadays is the era of online and at this time everyone wants to use Paytm for online transactions and for this you have to first complete KYC inside Paytm, but many people do not complete Paytm’s KYC. If they are able to do it, they get to see some problem or the other. If you also want to complete your paytm kyc through aadhar card then read this article till the end.

You will get further all the information that, how you can complete Paytm KYC with Aadhar card, although it is very easy to complete Paytm KYC, but many people face many problems, and people want that we people Complete your Paytm KYC with your Aadhar card. You can do Paytm KYC in many ways, for this we will talk further.

How to Complete Paytm KYC with Aadhar Card

As we told you that it is quite easy to complete Paytm KYC from Aadhar card, so let us know how to complete Paytm KYC through Aadhar card. You can complete KYC in Paytm KYC with Aadhaar card within 1 minute. All you have to do is to enter the number of your Aadhar card, then an OTP will come on your registered mobile number. By filling it up, you can complete the KYC of Paytm. Let us tell you the complete process for this.

  • First of all you have to install your Paytm application in your phone.
  • Then, you have to register your Paytm number.
  • You have to click on the KYC icon there.
  • And an interface will open in front of you to complete the KYC.
  • There you will be asked to fill up your Aadhar card details.
  • You have to fill all the details of your Aadhar card there.
  • Then you have to verify it.
  • And after that your Paytm KYC will be completed through your Aadhar card.
  • Then you can transact with anyone through Paytm application.

Paytm Video KYC Online

Paytm has brought out a new feature of Paytm Video KYC, through this you can complete Paytm KYC without going anywhere without sitting at home, for this only you have to open your Paytm application and there you only have to select Paytm Video KYC inside the section. To do. There you can complete the video KYC inside the Paytm application. It is very easy to complete Paytm Video KYC. And yes, for this you will need Aadhar card and PAN card to complete Paytm video KYC, why can you complete Paytm video from these two documents only.

What documents are required for KYC?

Paytm Wallet KYC requires 1 document out of Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Pan Card, NREGA Card, Passport or Driving License.

Paytm KYC online verification

You do not need to go anywhere to complete Paytm KYC, you can complete your Paytm KYC online sitting at home. As we told you above that you can complete your Paytm KYC through Video KYC and Aadhar Card.

Paytm KYC Online Verification At Home

If you are not able to complete your Paytm KYC due to any reason, then you also have nothing to worry about. You can get your Paytm KYC completed by calling anyone from your nearest KYC center.

Paytm KYC Center Near Me

If you want to complete your Paytm KYC from any of your nearest KYC center, then you have to search paytm kyc center near me on Google according to your area. For example you can see the search below. You can search accordingly, find out more on Google, your nearest KYC center.


Paytm KYC Charges

If you do Paytm KYC then you do not need to pay any charge for it.

Paytm KYC Online Without Pan Card 

If many people do not have a PAN card, then you can also complete your Paytm full KYC through Aadhaar card.

Paytm KYC Without Aadhar 

If you want us to complete your Paytm KYC without Aadhar card then it is not possible.

Paytm full KYC

To complete Paytm full KYC, you can complete KYC by need of Aadhar card or PAN card.

Paytm kyc with E – Pan card

Even if you have a PAN card, you can easily complete your Paytm KYC within 2 minutes.

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