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How to claim boat warranty on Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart

how to claim warranty on amazon for boat earphones

How To Claim Boat Warranty – Items of the popular brand Boat are often bought by many people, and they also get good support from the boat. But many people do not know how to claim Boat’s warranty after buying Boat’s product, they do not know. Boat provides its users with many products such as boat airdopes, boat headphones, boat smartwatch, boat speakers, and many more electronic items, on which Boat provides warranty to its customers.

For which a warranty card is also given to them by Boat, it contains information about the product that we have purchased, which we can give while claiming the warranty, how to claim the Boat warranty. Questions remain in the mind of the people. Well, claiming a boat warranty is as easy as buying a product. To Claim Boat Warranty, we are going to show you a simple way by which you can easily claim Boat Warranty.

How To Claim Boat Warranty Online On Amazon 

To claim Boat Warranty, you have to follow some simple steps, which are very easy, we have tried to explain in simple words, so let’s know, How To Claim Boat Warranty

To claim the boat, first you have to go to Google and type, as soon as you search, you have to open their official support site and there you have to click on Register a Complaint.

How To Claim Boat Warranty On Amazon

Register Complaint – How to claim Boat Warranty – Support boAt lifestyle

After that a new interface of Register Complaint will open in front of you.

How To Claim Boat Warranty Online

There you have to fill the information of Product Group, Product and Pincode.

In the product group, you can enter the category of your product, select the name of your product in the product option, then enter the pin code of your area, as soon as you fill these three information, then click on submit. There you will find the page of Complaint Registration, in which you have to fill your Full Name, Email, Mobile Number.

Boat Warranty Claim Complaint Registration Form 

After filling these details, a Form of Complaint Registration will open in front of you, there you have to fill all the given information,

How To Claim Boat Warranty Online

After filling all the information, you have to click on the submit button, your form will be submitted, you will be shown Complaint Successfully Added and a message of Complaint Successfully will also come from Boat on the mobile number you entered. At the address you have entered, a person will come from Boat company, they will receive your product after seeing it, and send that product to the service center and get it repaired (boAt replacement) and send it to you.

How To Claim Boat Warranty On Amazon

I hope you have come to know about How To Claim Boat Warranty and the questions related to it will also have been cleared, keep your love and support like this, we will keep bringing such helpful contacts for you.

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