GBWhatsApp Latest Version Apk Download [Update 2023] Anti-Ban

Do you want to download GB Whatsapp Latest Version 2023? So today we will tell you how to download GBWhatsApp Latest Version, in GBWhatsApp latest version you will get all those features that you did not get earlier in old version, whatever problem you were facing in GBWhatsApp old version, you also have to see it. Will not be found, such as GBWhatsApp Install Failed Problem, GBWhatsApp Crash Problem, etc. Many other types of problem logos were found in GBWhatsApp.

In GB Whatsapp Update 2023 Latest Version, you will get to see many new features, as well as a new interface. Due to which it will be much easier to use GBWhatsApp. You will get many more features in GB Whatsapp Update 2023 than people do not get in WhatsApp App.

Those people who do not know much about GBWhatsApp, meaning those who are using GBWhatsApp for the first time, let us tell them that GBWhatsApp is a Mod Version App of WhatsApp only. GBWhatsApp is a Mod Version App, so it has more features than Normal WhatsApp.

And this Mod Apk is not Google play store yet because Google does not allow Mod Apk, which makes it a bit difficult for people to download it, but I am going to give you GBWhatsApp Latest Version, which you just have to install and use have to start doing.


GBWhatsApp latest version Apk Download

NameGBWhatsApp Apk
Size58. 00MB
Total Downloads8,000,000+
RequirementAndroid 4.0.3 and higher
Last Updated1 Hours Ago
Download LinkDirect

In GBWhatsApp Latest Version, you will learn about the new features, which you like very much, and it shows you completely different, whatever problem many people were facing in the old version, all in this one GB Whatsapp Update 2023 It will be solved, and I have told you that this Mod Apk is not available on Google play store so it becomes a bit difficult to download, so I have given you the download link below to download. Well we have provided below GB whatsapp download 2021 and GB whatsapp download 2022 new version both link. Although there are other Mod Versions of WhatsApp but GBWhatsApp has many more features along with additional features.

GBWhatsApp latest version apk can be downloaded in any android phone. You can download GbWhatsapp for Mi, GbWhatsapp for Xiaomi, GbWhatsapp for Samsung, GbWhatsapp for Vivo, GbWhatsapp for Realme phone, GbWhatsapp for Oppo from this page. All manufacturers of Android phones like Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, Mi, Realme etc are supported.

Note : Bookmark this page to always get the latest version of GBWhatsApp. If you are searching for GB Whatsapp Latest Version Apk Download then you have come to the right page.

Features of latest Version of GBWhatsapp

Those who are going to use GBWhatsApp for the first time will not know about its features, but those who already use GBW will definitely know. If you don’t know, then let us tell you. Firstly on GBWhatsapp you can also choose from a list of different languages ​​including Hindi, English, Spanish and Chinese. GBWhatsapp also gives you more exciting experience in chatting than Whatsapp app. The best thing is that in GBWhatsapp you can also send large files up to 50 MB in message to others.

If you are concerned about your privacy, GBWhatsApp has facilities for that as well. You can hide your online status only from your contacts, and also hide your last seen messages from this GBWhatsApp. And yes, you can mark yourself online even if you’re online or not, or the messaging app is turned off. Below we have explained all the features of GBWhatsApp one by one, which you must check out once, and we are sure that you will be convinced to get this GBWhatsApp for your phone.

Send 50MB of video

We’ve all wanted to for a really long time. Whenever you share any video on WhatsApp, you must have experienced that WhatsApp doesn’t allow us to send videos of size larger than 16MB as this limit has been placed by WhatsApp which is also in many other apps. is determined. However, here you will not see such a limit because in GBWhatsApp you will see a limit of up to 50 MB, which we hope will not cause any problem to anyone. GBWhatsApp is different from other mod versions because of this feature.

Send Apk File

WhatsApp is known to share various photos, videos, files and documents to people, which makes it convenient for people, but you can not send Apk to other people from WhatsApp App WhatsApp does not allow it But this is not the case in GBWhatsApp because it also allows you to send Apk Files, which is going to be very convenient for WhatsApp users.

Send 90 Images

Through WhatsApp we share photos with someone or someone else, you must have seen that we cannot send more than 30 images at a time. This happens because in WhatsApp you can only send 30 images at a time and this thing becomes very annoying at times. As far as GBWhatsApp is concerned, it allows you to share 90 images at a time which is also 3 times more than what we have in the official app. This is one of those features that turns out to be very useful, you are going to love these features.

Copy Status

Sometimes it happens that we like someone’s status very much and want to copy it but the authorities do not allow us to do so. That’s why this mod app is here because it will allow you to easily copy anyone’s status without having to tell them about it.

Hide Last Seen

Last Seen is a feature of GBWhatsApp in which we can see when was the last time someone was online on WhatsApp. And this is a very nice feature but sometimes we wish we could hide it from some people. The official app provides the feature to hide last seen but it is applicable to all contacts. Now, if you want to hide your Last Seen from certain contacts then you are all sorted here. This app will help you to select those contacts. With whom you want to share your last seen and no one else will be able to see the last seen.

Send 100 MB audio clip

Well it is not just limited to videos and images, it has increased the limit of audio clips as well. Previously, we were only able to send 16MB audio clips to any of our contacts, however with GB Whatsapp Update 2023, this number has been increased to 100. Now you can easily share audio clips up to 100 MB to any of your contacts.

Support External Music Player

GBWhatsApp also supports external video or media player, although you do not get this feature in WhatsApp App, it helps users to watch videos in media player of their choice. In this way, it is going to make things really very comfortable and convenient for users who stick to just one app.

New emoji and GIFs

As mod apps are being used to offer users some amazing customization options, here too you are going to find many of them. You’ll also have access to a new set of emoji and GIFs, among other interesting things, that you can use in your chats. This is going to make it even more interesting.

What we have mentioned above were the exciting features of this GBWhatsApp latest version which you definitely need to try. There are many more features that you will definitely experience after using GBWhatsApp once.

How to Install GBWhatsapp 2023 APK?

The process of installing GBWhatsapp Latest Version is very simple, which anyone can install without any problem, first we have given you the link of GBWhatsapp Latest Version, download it by clicking on it, after that you will have to download it in your “Downloads” folder. I have to go
From there you have to find GBWhatsApp.

  • Click on GBWhatsApp to install it
  • For this click on the install button
  • GBWhatsApp will start installing in front of you
  • After few seconds it will be installed.
  • Open GB WhatsApp and allow permissions
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Then OTT will go on the mobile number you have entered.
  • Submit it there
  • You are now ready to use GBWhatsApp

We have told you above that how can download GBWhatsApp latest version and we have told the complete process to install it, we hope you have understood everything. If you want regular GB Whatsapp Update 2023, then you should bookmark this page. Have to do so that you can see every day whether new update has come or not of GBWhatsApp and yes I must tell in the comment whether you have ever used GBWhatsApp or are using it for the first time.

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