Garena Free Fire Unban Date in India March 2023 – Good News For FF Players

There is great news for Free Fire players, because Free Fire is coming back in India. free fire unban date in india 2023 has been released, we know you will also be missing the old Free Fire. Free Fire is played not only in India but all over the world, although Free Fire is banned in India and Bangladesh, but there is a good news for you, that is that Free Fire is about to be launched in India and Bangladesh. Means Unban is going to happen, whose Unban Date has been issued, which we will tell you through this article.


Free Fire Unban Date in India 2023

After PUBG, the second name inside the Battle Royale game is Free Fire, which was banned and as soon as Free Fire was banned, Free Fire Max was launched. Free Fire Max, another version of Free Fire Which was launched after making a few changes. After Free Fire Ban, people are still playing Free Fire Max, talking about free fire unban date in india 2023, official announcement has come from Free Fire, they say that Free Fire is going to come in the last week of March.

It is possible that there is not much time left for Free Fire to be unbanned, soon it is going to be unbanned.

Free Fire Unban Date in Bangladesh 2023

You must know the reason for Free Fire being banned, if not, then we clear it, Free Fire was banned on February 14, 2022 under section 69 (A), which made all the players very disappointed, after that Free Fire Fire Max Launched, which is the second version of Free Fire.

Free Fire Unban Date in Bangladesh 2023 has not been released yet but news was coming that after Free Fire is unbanned in India, it will be banned in Bangladesh too. Why was Free Fire banned in India and Bangladesh?

Why Free Fire Banned in India & Bangladesh 2023

Free Fire was launched by Garena on August 23, 2017, Fire Fire is the most played battle royale game in today’s time, people used to be so addicted to this game, and it has gone many times and people lost their Money was also being invested. You must be aware that about 50 other Chinese mobile applications were banned by the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Government of India, in which the Free Fire game was also included.

Free Fire players got a big shock after hearing this news. By the way, where are you from, do tell me in the comment, if you are from India, then you have given above information about free fire unban date in india 2023, as well as if you are from Bangladesh, then free fire unban date in bangladesh 2023 must also be seen once.


I hope you must have read this article completely and it means you must have got answers to all your questions. We have talked about Free Fire Unban Date in this article and whenever Free Fire Unban happens, then to get its information first, please allow the notification and bookmark this page because on first you Will get update.

Is Free Fire unban now?

Free fire has been waiting for a long time because the number of people playing Free Fire is high in India and now Free Fire is banned, and it is likely to come in the Third week of March 2023.

Why free fire is removed?

Free Fire was also banned by the government in India along with 53 Chinese apps amid political tensions with China.

When free fire will return in India?

No official announcement has come from Garena yet but we are likely to Unban Free Fire on March 2023

Who is the owner of free fire?

Garena is a Singapore-based game developer and publisher of free online games that launched Free Fire.

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